New Zealand Mobil Smiles Reward Program

Mobil Smiles reward program

Mobil fuel stations offer the Mobil Smiles reward program to help reduce the cost of fuel.  The program has two main components, instant savings and loyalty points. This saving is in addition to any supermarket docket savings that you use.


  • You get a Mobil Smiles card at any Mobil station
  • You need to register your card online to redeem awards
  • Cards that are not registered still earn points, but they cannot be redeemed until registered.
  • You must swipe your card with each fuel transaction

mobil smiles petrol awards


  • Instant 6 cents off per liter of fuel when you spend $40 or more on fuel at Mobil service stations
  • Registered cards can get additional instant savings at select Mobil service stations
  • Earn loyalty points

save 10 cents on mobil smiles

Mobil Smiles Rewards

  • You earn loyalty points for each liter of fuel that you purchase
    • Regular 91 and diesel fuel earn 1 point per liter
    • Premium 95 and premium 98 earn 1.5 points per liter
  • Mobile Smiles points are redeemable for a set value off of in-store purchases or fuel purchases
    • 300 points = $5
    • 500 points = $10
    • 1500 points = $30
  • If you did not swipe your card at purchase, but keep your receipt, you can call 0800 880 361 to get points added to your account

earn mobil

Family Pooling

  • You can pool your points by calling customer service at 0800 880 361
  • You can pool your points with family and friends.  There are no restrictions on who you can combine points.

Fine Print

  • Rewards expire after 12 months with no activity on the account
  • Rewards earned in New Zealand are only redeemable in New Zealand
  • You do not need to be a New Zealand resident or citizen to enroll

New Zealand’s Mobil Smiles rewards program is an excellent program that can give you additional savings on your fuel costs.  Each Mobil Smiles point is worth a maximum of 2 cents giving you a total of 8 cents of per liter if you earn 500 points.  Read our guide to New Zealand fuel discounts to find other ways to save on fuel.

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