New Zealand GST Tourist Refund

New Zealand GST tax refund

New Zealand GST

GST is New Zealand’s Global Service Tax that is levied on most goods and services in New Zealand. The GST rate is a flat 15%, it is not a variable rate tax. GST accounts for over 18% of New Zealand’s tax revenue. Almost all merchants include GST in the advertised price.

New Zealand GST Tourist Refund

Tourists are required to pay GST on goods and services purchased in New Zealand.  Many countries allow you to submit a request to get your GST or VAT refunded if you leave the country within a specific period of time and are not a resident. New Zealand is a country that does not offer tourists GST refunds.  This means that you are not eligible to get a refund for the amount of GST that you pay in New Zealand.

Items Exempt from GST

  • Items purchased from duty free stores
  • Goods and services sold by nonprofit organizations
  • Renting a residential dwelling
  • Supply of fine metal: gold, silver, and platinum 99%+ pure.

Unfortunately, New Zealand does not offer a refund of GST if you are a tourist.  Other countries like Australia do offer a GST refund.

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