Where to Buy Stamps in New Zealand

Buying 10 New Zealand Stamps

Where to buy stamps in New Zealand is something that I found myself wondering soon after I moved to New Zealand.  I realized that I did not know where to buy postage stamps. New Zealand Post issues New Zealand postage stamps and you can buy them at a variety of locations.


PostShops are New Zealand Post’s retail outlets.  There are freestanding PostShops, and there are contract PostShops which are located in another business. You can buy stamps in whatever domination and whatever quantity that you want.  New Zealand Post has a store locator that shows all the locations that sell stamps. Learn about ParcelRewards where you can earn a loyalty discount.


New Zealand buy postage


New Zealand Post Online

You can purchase stamps directly from New Zealand Post online.  The minimum number of stamps that you can buy at a time is a five-stamp booklet.  They also sell a lot of stamps in bulk.


New Zealand Post


Third Party Locations

Stores like Countdown, The Warehouse, OfficeMax, and dairies often sell booklets of 10 stamps.  They do not usually sell individual stamps.  Many of these stores that have online stores also sell them online.

Souvenir Stores

Many souvenir stores sell $2.40, the cost of an international postcard, postage stamps.

Kiwi stamp images


Where do you buy your postage stamps in New Zealand?

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