Countdown Onecard Loyalty Program

Countdown has a loyalty program called Onecard.  Countdown is one of the many New Zealand supermarket chains. The Countdown, Onecard loyalty program, merged with the AA Smartfuel rewards program in 2016, which gives you more benefits from the loyalty program.  Our guide to the Countdown Onecard loyalty program shows you how to get the most out of your spend at Countdown.


Countdown allows you to choose if you earn your loyalty rewards as fuel savings or Countdown Onecard e-vouchers.  You can only choose one way to earn your rewards, but you can switch online if you have registered your card.

onecard voucher or fuel


  • Earn one point for every $10 that you spend at Countdown.
  • You can redeem 200 points for a $15 e-voucher.
  • Points expire after a rolling six month period.
  • That means that you need to spend $2000 in six months to get a $15 voucher.
  • If you have a voucher available, the checkout system will prompt you to apply the voucher.

Fuel Savings

  • Earn $0.03 off per liter of fuel if you spend $100 in one week and earn $0.06 off per liter of fuel if you spend $200 in one week.
  • The fuel rewards expire at the end of the following calendar month.
  • Fuel discounts are good for up to 50 liters of fuel at BP.  They are valid until 31 July 2019 at Caltex.
  • Fuel discounts can stack with other AA Smartfuel discounts.



The fuel savings option is the best option to choose if you spend less than $2000 every six months at Countdown because you will not earn an e-voucher. The fuel savings option also allows the most potential savings due to a higher earn rate. Check out our guide to fuel discounts to make sure that even with the fuel savings, you are not paying more for your fuel.

Types of Card


  • You can pick up a Onecard for free at any Countdown.
  • You start earning points right away, but you need to register your card.
  • Onecards that are picked up at Countdown default to earning Onecard vouchers.AA

AA Smartfuel

  • You get this card with an AA membership.
  • You start earning points right away.
  • The earnings default to the fuel saving options

Managing Your OneCard Account

Register Your Card

onecard registration

Track Rewards

tracker online for smartfuel savings

  • You can check your progress towards earning a reward.
  • It keeps track of how much money you spend at Countdown.

Add Users and Manage Cards


  • You can set a primary card, which is the only card that can redeem points.
  • If you have more than one OneCard you can attach them all to your profile.
  • You can add other users to your account to work towards earning one reward.
  • There is an option to order a replacement card.

OneCard Competitions

  • Countdown has sponsored competitions which normally require a specific purchase. You are automatically entered into the competition if you purchase the required items and swipe your OneCard.


The OneCard is a great way to get a little more savings from your grocery spending.  The savings are not enough to have loyalty to one grocery store.  Most people will not realize more than $30 per year savings.  It is important to keep in mind that Countdown does collect data from your OneCard, and the T&Cs do allow them to sell that data.


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