Goody Card Loyalty Program Guide

Goody Card is a discount and loyalty app that is unique to New Zealand.  The Goody program is for residents, not tourists, and it can provide actual savings.  There are businesses throughout New Zealand that participate with Goody Card, but the majority are in major cities.  Auckland, Wellington, Rotorua, Christchurch, and Hamilton are the only cities with over 40 offers.  Most smaller towns like Tauranga and New Plymouth have 5-12 offers.


Goody is a loyalty app, but they have one time offers. The loyalty component works by earning points.  You earn either 1 points/dollar or 5 points/visit, depending on the merchant.  Each merchant then offers their own rewards chart where you unlock rewards based on the number of points that you have earned at that merchant. The points that you earn at one merchant cannot be transferred to other merchants. Rewards vary greatly depending on the business, and most are free items or vouchers.goody card rewards

Offers are offered by a merchant to attract new customers.  Offers range from discounts on hotel rooms to a set percentage off a restaurant bill to buy one get one free offers.  Not all merchants have offers, even if they are participating in the rewards program.

Sign Up

You can enroll in two ways.  You can take a Goody Card from a display at merchants that participate in the loyalty program or sign up directly from the iOS or Android app.  When you sign into the Goody app for the first time you are directed to either input your card number, if you have picked one up from a merchant, or to enter your email address.  You then complete registration.  The app does not ask for a phone number, address, or credit card information.

Goody iOS app store

If you signed up online and want a physical card, pick up a physical card at a merchant (Goody does not mail cards). When you scan the card, the scanner will ask for your email address.  Input the same email address you have previously been using, and the two accounts will be linked.

Goody sign up screen

Goody App

The Goody app is the best way to find participating merchants and offers.  You can search nearby or a specific region.  When you search an area you have three options, offers, business, and map.  Offers show all offers that are available and does not include any merchants that only offer the loyalty program.  If you click business, you get all merchants that participate, even if they are just members of the loyalty program.  The map view shows you all merchants which you can click on and go to that merchant’s profile.

Goody card iOS app map view

Merchant profiles list the rewards you can unlock with loyalty and the one time offers that are available. You can also click on the activity, and it will show you your past activity at that merchant.

list of goody card offers

The app does have a Refer a Friend button.  Currently, you do not get any benefits for referring friends.

There is some fine print that it is essential to know.  Alcohol is excluded from offers, including X% of dining bills unless it is specifically included.  You cannot combine accounts between different people, but if you have multiple accounts you can combine them.

Using Your Goody Card

When you are at a participating location, you scan your physical card or QR membership code in the app when paying.  Your QR membership code is the first thing that appears when you open the app.  You can also click the home button in the lower left corner of the app to get your QR membership code.  You do not need to activate any offers or load them on to your card. They are automatic.

Goody membership qr

Overall the Goody program is an excellent rewards program.  It is important to remember that unlike Flybuys and Airpoints, rewards earned at one merchant are not able to be stacked with rewards that are earned at other merchants.  Many merchants use the Goody program to replace old fashioned punch cards for loyalty. When traveling and visiting other cities, it is worth it to look at available local offers.  Don’t forget to check other offers and discounts that are available with our discount guide.


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