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Stuff Fibre provides router

Stuff Fibre is one of many fibre retailers in New Zealand.  New Zealand’s fibre network operates on a wholesale system.  The companies that provide the actual connection do not sell the internet to the consumer. Retailers like Stuff Fibre sell the product to the customer.  The network that you get is the same no matter what retailer that you use, but the customer service, price, speed, and other services provided varies. Our guide to New Zealand broadband goes over the different connections available in New Zealand.

Stuff Fibre broadband map

Setting up Stuff Fibre: A-

You can setup Stuff Fibre online or by calling 0800 862 337.  You can also use the chat feature on the website to assist in setting up service. One thing that can impact your fibre setup is if the fibre connection has already been installed in the property.  If the connection has not been installed, it typically takes about six weeks for technicians to install fibre. You can use the broadband map to see if fibre is available in your area.

It takes 2-3 days for Stuff Fibre to mail you your router and it typically takes 1-2 days to get your connection active.  Once you get your router, you can call Stuff Fibre and see if they can move your connection day to that day.  I was able to have an active fibre connection four days after setting up the fibre connection.

Speed: B+

My connection speed was 100 Mbps, and I was able to get a speed of 80-100 Mbps every time that I tested the connection speed.  I was pleased with the speed that was provided.

Customer Service: A

I have been very happy with the customer service from Stuff Fibre.  A human answers the phone and I have never been put on hold.  I once had a 45 day period where I switched households and did not finish the fibre connection at the new house.  When I did get around to setting up the connection, I called them, and they refunded the 45 days that I paid for service, but did not use it.

They do not provide a paper bill.  If you chat with customer service, they can provide you a link to invoices for all of your bills. They also provide an online network outages page which can be used to determine if connectivity issues are related to problems with the fibre network.

Extras and Router: B

All of the plans come with a free router, and you do not need to sign a contract to get the router.  The router worked very well at the 100 Mbps speed level.  They do offer a better performance router for $295.

The only extra that they offer is one free movie through Stuff Pix a month. We sometimes took advantage of the free movie, but there were many months that we did not use it.

Canceling Service: A

There was no hard sell when I canceled service after six months.  It took a 5-minute phone call.  They delivered a bag two days later to return the router.  You have 14 days to return the router, and you can either drop it off, or they will have the router picked up from your house. If you do not send back the router in 14 days, you will be charged $90 for the router.

Pricing: B

I am not going to list the actual prices since broadband pricing changes so frequently.  Some options are cheaper if you are willing to sign a 12 or 24-month contract.  If you need a router and do not want to sign a contract, it is hard to beat Stuff Fibre’s pricing.

Stuff Fibre

Overall: A-

Stuff Fibre worked as a utility should.  It was easy to set up and cancel.  The speed was very close to the advertised speed, which I have found does not always happen with broadband providers.  It is an excellent option if you do not want to sign a contract.


If you have broadband internet in New Zealand, you should consider getting a VPN if you use streaming services.  Our guide to New Zealand VPNs is based on actual tests done with the VPNs in New Zealand.


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