New World Clubcard Explained

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There are many grocery stores in New Zealand, and many offer a loyalty program.  Countdown offers the Onecard and New World provides the Clubcard.

How to Get a New World Clubcard

You can pick-up a New World Clubcard at any New World Market.  They are usually available at the front of the store and sometimes at the customer service desk.  A few New World Markets that are in tourist destination do not have cards out publically, and you need to ask for them.

Register Your Clubcard

Once you have your New World Clubcard, you can register the card to get even more value from it. Once you have registered your card, you can link it either your Fly Buys or Airpoints account.


registration login screen


Using Your New World Clubcard

You can use your New World Clubcard at New World Markets on the north and south island.  Once you have linked your card to your Fly Buys or Airpoints account then it works like a regular Fly Buys or Airpoints card and can be used at all other retailers that provide Fly Buys or Airpoints.

You can use your physical Clubcard, or you can download the iOS app or Android app to get a digital Clubcard.


Earning Rate at New World

Airpoints Dollars= $0.185 Airpoints Dollars for every $25 spent.

Fly Buys= 1 Fly Buys for every $25 spent.

Clubcard Offers

New World sends out additional savings available only to Clubcard members if you have signed up for emails.  The Clubcard offers are only valid at south island stores, and they are personalized to your shopping habits.  The custom offers come once weekly as an email. Currently, there are no offers for the north island, and if your address is registered with a north island address, then you will not get any offers.
New World clubcard discounts


The New World Clubcard is a good way to save roughly 0.5% on your groceries.  If you are on the south island, it makes sense to sign up for a New World Clubcard so you can get personalized discounts.  If you are not on the south island, you can get the same discounts and savings if you use your regular Fly Buys card or Airpoints card.  This eliminates a card that you need to carry or an app that you need to get.

There are many loyalty schemes and discount programs in New Zealand.  Make sure that you maximize your fuel discounts and read our guide to online discounts. When you fly Air New Zealand regional flights, make sure that you check out our multicity flight hack to potentially get even more discounts.

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