Moving Guide: New Zealand Utilities

Choose your utility provider

When you move in New Zealand, you need to set up utilities at your new residence. Most rental properties require tenants to set up their utilities. Our utility guide will go over what utilities you need to set up. Many companies provide various utilities including internet, electric, gas, and phone service.  Many companies offer a discount if you signup for multiple services through them.  This can make it cheaper to decide on your utility providers at once instead of one by one.

Electric and Gas

New Zealand allows for electric choice so you can choose your electric provider.  There are five companies, Contact Energy, Genesis Energy, Mercury Energy, Meridian Energy, and Trustpower, that generate 95% percent of New Zealand’s energy.  There are over 20 retailers that sell electricity to consumers.

Most companies that offer electric also offer natural gas, and it almost always is cheaper to get them through the same provider. There are electric companies that allow you to prepay your electric, pay a set rate, pay spot electric prices at the time you are using it, offer free offpeak power, and even other pricing models.

electric providers by district

There are many services that can help you choose electric providers. It is important to check what electric retailers operate in your district. Canstar rates 11 electric providers. Power Compare compares the price of 40 power companies across New Zealand.  They also list if a power company offers a discount on another utility if you bundle your power with broadband or phone service. Power Switch is a nonprofit organization that is funded by 23 power companies.  It lists the power options that are available to your address.  You can input your electric bill and it will if any companies offer a cheaper rate for your specific power usage. Switch Me is another company that compares the price of 11 electric providers.


New Zealand rubbish and recycling service is usually included in the property owners local council fees.  It sometimes appears as a separate bill, or it is included in general council fees.  Every council handles rubbish and recycling slightly differently.  The most common method is to have one container for glass recycling, one bin for mixed nonglass recycling, and prepaid council trash bags.  Many councils provide one trash bag for each week, and additional bags can be purchased for between $1.50-$4.00 depending on the council.

recycling in New Zealand


How you pay for water varies depending on your local council.  Many councils include the price of water and grey water into the council’s fees. Other councils bill water and wastewater depending on usage.  If a council bills depending on usage, you may be required to change the water bill into your name.  If the property is in a council that includes water with the council fees you will not need to do anything.


New Zealand plans to have fibre internet service available to 87% of Kiwis by 2022.  In 2019, 75% of Kiwis have access to fibre, and 97% have access to broadband service.  New Zealand offers fibre, cable, DSL, wireless, satellite, and cellular internet service depending on your location.

internet speed graph

Our guide to New Zealand internet goes over your internet options in depth.  Some internet service providers (ISP) like Skinny, Spark, Vodafone, and 2Degrees offer a discount if you bundle your broadband and cellphone service.  Other providers like Contact Energy, Nova Energy, Slingshot Power, Orcon Power, and Trustpower offer a discount if you bundle broadband and energy. Broadband Compare compares different broadband options that are available at your address. It is important when looking at energy providers to see if a rate requires a contract and to see if a router is provided.


There are three telecom companies in New Zealand, Spark, Vodafone, and 2Degrees, that have their own infrastructure.  Many other companies offer cellphone service but do not have their own infrastructure.  Spark has the largest 4g network in New Zealand, and 2Degrees has the smallest.  Our New Zealand cellphone guide goes over your cellphone service options.


That is all of the utilities that you need to set up when you move to a new property in New Zealand.  Our guide to renting goes over things to look for in your new property and make sure that you move your contents insurance to your new property.

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