Buying Fireworks in New Zealand

buying fireworks in New Zealand

New Zealand has stringent laws around buying fireworks, but rather liberal rules around setting them off. New Zealand limits the sale of fireworks not by restricting where you can buy them, but when you can buy them.

Buying Fireworks

You can only buy fireworks for four days a year in New Zealand. You can purchase fireworks the four days leading up to Guy Fawkes Night, 2nd to 5th November. Fireworks cannot be bought any other day of the year. Guy Fawkes Night is the same night every year, 5th November.

Many normal stores, like the Warehouse, carry fireworks for the four days preseeding Guy Fawkes Night.  There are also a lot of stands that open up for the four days that stands are allowed.  Some retailers allow you to preorder fireworks online, but you must still pick them up in a store. You must be 18 to purchase fireworks.

Buying fireworks on Guy Fawkes

Types of Fireworks Sold

  • Candles that explode in the sky are allowed.
  • Fountains that spew sparks on the ground are allowed.
  • Sparklers are allowed

many types of fireworks

Setting off Fireworks

  • Nationally there is no restriction on when you can set off fireworks.  Official government websites ask that you not set off fireworks after 10:30 pm
  • Most councils have restrictions on where and when you can set off fireworks. Check your local council website for your regional restrictions.
    • Auckland does not allow fireworks on public land or after 10:30 pm

Public Fireworks

  • Public firework displays are set off at various times throughout the year
  • The event calendar lists most public firework displays throughout New Zealand.


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