New Zealand Car Relocation Deal Guide

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Many companies offer car rental relocation deals in New Zealand for $1 per day or less.  Most car rental relocation deals are for 48 hours or 3 days (any part of a day counts as a full day).  There are third party sites like Imoova and Transfercar that conglomerate listings, but they often charge administration fees.  It is usually best to go directly through the car rental companies. Below is a list of rental companies that offer relocation deals in New Zealand. There tend to be more car rental relocation offers during high season when car rental companies often max out their rental cars. This guide focuses on rental cars, and we have a campervan relocation guide that covers campervans and motorhomes.

Ace– Ace offers relocation deals that can range from 1-5 days.  Relocations are typically free, but during high season they often charge a free. They offer relocations that are intra and inter-island.  I often found rentals listed on their website, but couldn’t pull them up when searching for them.

Ace rental car relocation


Apex– Apex often offers discounted relocation rentals for less than $15 per day.  One advantage of with Apex is that they sometimes allow longer relocation deals, like six days between Queenstown and Christchurch for $12 per day.

apex rental relocations

Avis– Avis offers 48-hour relocation deals for $1 per day.  Sometimes all of the relocation deals do not appear on the main deal website (Queenstown to Christchurch) and a google search for “Avis New Zealand relocations” brings up more options.

Bargain Rental Car– They offer specials that are often not true relocation deals. Many of the specials are for rentals 21 days and longer.

Budget– Budget frequently offers 3 day (not 72 hours) intra-island relocation deals for $1 per day.

Jucy– Jucy tends to batch list their relocation deals, and they tend to pull them at a certain time. They do not remain until they are all taken. The rental rates can vary from $1 to $30+ per day. They list campervans and cars on the same landing page.

Jucy car relocation

Go Rental– They offer a variety of relocation deals, including from the airport to city. Their relocations often have a fee, less than $15 per day.

Hertz– Hertz offers $1 relocation deals.  Hertz does not allow their cars on the inter-island ferry and often has relocations from Queenstown to Christchurch, Christchurch to Picton, Wellington/Wellington Ferry Terminal to Auckland, along with other locations.  You can link up multiple relocations back to back.  The rentals are available for up to 48 hours.

Omega– Omega offers relocations which typically are free and can be up to three days (not 72 hours).  I have had a hard time getting their relocation deals to pull up in the search engine to book

omega rental car relocation


Pegasus– Pegasus does occasionally offer relocation deals. Many of their relocation deals are free, and some are atypical locations.

Quality Car Rental– They offer free intra-island car rental relocations between 1-2 days.  The rentals are not for 24 hours, but per day.  You cannot book relocations online and need to call to reserve.

RaD Car– Their website says they offer 1-4 day relocations, but I have not found any that are bookable.

Snap– Snap does not offer true relocation rentals.

Thrifty– Thrifty offers 48 hour intra-island relocation deals, typically for free.  You are guaranteed an automatic vehicle with five seats, but you cannot choose the car.

Third Party Relocations

Imoova– Imoova is a third party lister of car, campervan, and motorhome relocation deals. Many of the car relocation deals are available if you go directly through rental companies.

Transfercar– Transfercar is the largest third-party relocation company in New Zealand. It is not uncommon for there to be over 500 vehicles available at any one time. Many of the car relocation deals are available if you go directly through rental companies.  They do offer inter-island relocations and some relocations allow for a longer time than 2 days.

transfercar relocation


What New Zealand car rental relocation deals have you booked? Don’t forget to check out our guide on driving in New Zealand.

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