Calling New Zealand Immigration

calling new zealand immigration

New Zealand immigration has a helpful call center if you have issues with your visa application.  I have found that the agents try to solve your problems and they do present solutions.  Our guide to applying for a New Zealand visa goes over the general steps for applying for a New Zealand visa.

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What Can the Call Center Agents Do?

The call center agents are not the same agents approving your visa application.  They can provide general information about visas.  Agents can tell you if your application is assigned an agent who is working on its approval or if it is still in the queue.  They can send a message to their liaison agent at your visa processing center.  They can also contact your agent directly via messenger.

When to Call

The call center is open from 6:00 am Monday to midnight Saturday night New Zealand time.  They do staff the call center according to demand, so there tend to be fewer agents available overnight.  Wait times tend to be 60-90 minute no matter when you call.  You have the option to get a callback, but I have had mixed success getting a call back from this service.

Phone Number

I have not found any difference in wait time calling the Auckland or Wellington number.

  • Auckland: 09 914 4100
  • Wellington: 04 910 9915
  • Rest of the World: +64 9 914 4100

Phone Tree

  • #2 Application submitted
  • #3 Application not submitted
    • #1 Visitor, student, or work visa
    • #2 Residency
  • #4 Website issues
  • #5 Citizenship
  • #6 New Zealand passports
  • #7 Settling into New Zealand
  • #8 Appointments for urgent travel

Next Step

Wait on hold or for a callback.  New Zealand immigration has a great call center for visa problems, but it does take some time to get through to them.


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