Tongariro Alpine Crossing Shuttle Operator Comparison

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The Tongariro Crossing is one of the most popular hikes on the north island. Since it is a one-way hike, it does involve some logistics. There are about ten shuttle companies that offer a variety of Tongariro Crossing shuttle routes.  Our Tongariro Alpine Crossing guide goes over the hike and make sure that you avoid crows on your crossing.

Shuttle Routes

The most popular shuttle route is a one-way shuttle where you park at the end of the track. An advantage to this option is that you can end the hike on your own time table and do not need to wait for a return shuttle. Another option is a local round trip shuttle that starts and ends at the operator’s car park or local hotels. A third option is a long distance shuttle that picks up at various locations on the north island. The longer your shuttle route, the more expensive.

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Shuttle Companies

Mountain Shuttle

  • Routes
    •  One-way Ketetahi Security Car Park to Mangatepopo trailhead, $35 adults, $25 children
  • The smallest operator from the Ketetahi Security Car Park.
  • Parking fee included with shuttle price
  • Check-in is speedy. I would be comfortable getting there 5-10 minutes before the shuttle.
  • Mountain Shuttles is my preferred operator after using many.  You do not need to worry about parking, they are a small operation, so check-in is swift, and they are on time.

Tongariro Expeditions

  • Routes
    •  One-way Ketetahi Security Car Park to Mangatepopo trailhead, $35 adults, $18 children
    • Tongariro Holiday Park roundtrip, $35
    • Turangi roundtrip, $50, (oneway available)
    • Taupo roundtrip, $70, (oneway available)
  • The largest shuttle company servicing the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, frequently running multiple shuttles for a departure time.
  • Require that you arrive at the Ketetahi Security Car Park 30 minutes before your shuttle to check-in. Often an extensive line at check-in and it can take the full 30 minutes to wait in line.

Tongariro Crossing Shuttles

  • Routes
    • One-way Ketetahi Road End to Mangatepopo trailhead, $35 adults, $35 children, includes parking in the security car park
    • National Park Village roundtrip, $40, parking included
  • Pickup is across the street from the Ketetahi Security Car Park
  • A smaller company, operating two departures with one bus daily.

Summit Shuttles

  • Route
    • National Park Village roundtrip, $40 adults, $25 children, parking included
  • A small company offering one shuttle in the morning

Adventure HQ

  • Routes
    • One-way Ketetahi Road End to Mangatepopo trailhead, $25 adults
    • Turangi roundtrip, $50,
    • Taupo roundtrip, $70, pick up from your location
  • Ketetaki Road End shuttle does not include parking at the security car park.  Parking is on the street unless you pay to park in the security car park.
  • Medium sized shuttle company, minimal check-in times

Turangi Alpine Shuttles

  • Routes
    • Turangi roundtrip, $50
    • Offers pickups between Turangi andMangatepopo
    • Offers afternoon one way shuttles between Ketetahi and Mangatepopo, $30
  • Medium sized company. Offers many shuttles and combinations.

Adventure Outdoors

  • Routes
    • National Park Village, roundtrip, early morning shuttle, $45-65
  • They mainly operate guided tours, but they run a small shuttle service.
  • They operate the earliest shuttle to the crossing, departing between 4:00-5:00 am seasonally

National Park Shuttles

  • Routes
    • Erua Village roundtrip, $40
    • National Park Village roundtrip, $40
  • A small company that operates passenger vans
  • Pickup and drop off from your accommodation
  • My preferred shuttle company if you are staying in National Park Village

Dempsey Buses

  • Routes
    • Ohakune roundtrip, $50
    • Whakapapa roundtrip, $40
  • A very reliable company that operates a lot of transportation services.

red crater on Tongariro Crossing


What are your Tongariro Alpine Crossing shuttle experiences? Make sure you look at our guide to avoid crowds on the crossing.

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